Emma Beteta

Hello, and welcome to my website: Embruix Jewels!

Just like any person who opens the door to their home and invites you in, my wish is that you make yourself at home and feel free to have a look around!

It is a space made with lots of love and great care. It would not surprise me at all if you found just what you were looking for here…mainly custom jewelry, of course!

I make jewelry with love and passion. I create special one-of-a-kind pieces (so no two creations are alike), made entirely by hand. I am inspired by the slow made movement philosophy, which means that I devote to each of my creations all the time which that unique piece needs. I aspire to make my creations very special for those who purchase them, for those who gift them, and for those who receive my custom designed pieces as a present. In addition to showcasing my unique handmade jewelry here, I wanted this space to also be an extension of my home. Right now you are in the open front foyer of my online home!

Feel free to snoop around the “showroom” if you want to buy one of my unique handcrafted pieces. You can pop in my “workshop” if you want to see how I prepare the orders (and while you’re there, why not place an order!). You can also look in on my world, (where I explain and share with you the aims and philosophy of my work!).

You can also drop by my recreational space. I would like to imagine this space like a garden or an open courtyard, with relaxing little corners, nooks and cobbled crannies full of secrets, treasures… everything that inspires and fills our senses! In other words, those little things which make us astop and take a deep breath of fresh air for a moment…and then go about our lives once again! Oh, and remember to delve into “Extraordinary+” where you’ll see, live, inspire, and breathe it all in!

And last, but certainly not least, you can also find me here! As a matter of fact, you will find me all over this website and in all manner of ways! Showing my work, explaining special order requests, projects and even techniques of the craft! I am also excited to be able to share with you those things which make me tick! You will also find all my contact details so you can reach out to me. If you have any questions or queries, or would like to place an order for a unique piece of handmade jewelry, don’t wait another minute! Just head to “Contact” where you will find me!.

What are you waiting for? Whether you have me create a one-of-kind piece of jewelry for you or you find on my website that special handcrafted piece that you know is uniquely yours, your perfect piece of jewelry is waiting for you!


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