“Three Stars in my Sky”

Three stars in my sky

The corner of Montse

Montse is always telling me that she loves my jewellery. And for me, what she tells me carries a lot of value because for a while Montse also studied jewellery making. And since Àlex —Montse’s husband— also knows this… well, every once in a while, a gift is in order and drops down from the skies!
This was the first one we worked on together for Montse. And it was very special. Àlex wanted to give Montse a piece of jewellery that suited her perfectly, that she would feel comfortable with and that she could also wear on a daily basis.


Photo 2. Powerful colours and textures.
Photo 2. Powerful colours and textures.
Photo 3. Just about to go into the fire!
Photo 3. Just about to go into the fire!
Photo 4. The "internals" before embedding the gemstones.


Photo 5. Such a gorgeous gem can only be surrounded by gold!
Photo 5. Such a gorgeous gem can only be surrounded by gold!

We decided to make a pendant in silver, with some gold details and, as a stone, put the gem that I love most, the one that I like most of all, a grandidierite (you’ll see it a lot as you stroll throughout this website!). Also, with Montse’s hair and eye colour, it was just the thing for her! (Photo 2)

Àlex, as always, trusted me fully when it came to anything related to design, or deciding on other possible materials… he trusted me in absolutely everything! This level of trust is so appreciated when you’re creating!

So the shape was like a droplet turned upside down. Its texture, made by fusing silver and gold (a wonderful technique to use) on the sterling silver base (Photo 3). The grandidierite, which was surrounded by an 18ct gold mouthpiece, was mounted in reverse. As the lower part of the gem (the culet) had such a beautiful cut… I decided to put it in the visible part, so it had more volume and more facets. (Photos 4 and 5)


Photo 6. Three bright stars.
Photo 6. Three bright stars.
Photo 7. With an oxidized silver chain, as well as the possibility of a leather lace... can be both informal, for day-to-day use, or be given a more "festive" touch!


And then…. well, all the little details that came afterwards were the explanation, the inside story behind of the piece of jewellery. I knew that Montse would be over the moon about this pendant because it was coming from Àlex. And I wanted there to be a whole world of things in that piece.

Her world. Because that way, whenever Montse hung this unique piece around her neck, she’d be taking her world with her everywhere she went!

The “Three stars in my sky” are them, the members of her family!

The pendant was for Montse. Her life partner was giving it to her as a gift. And the three stars, the three little diamonds, are their three little ones. The two that fill their day, every day…and the other little star that left too soon. All together in the same sky.



“I absolutely love it!!. You already know that it’s got symbolic value and meaning for me, and the fact that you made it gives it a lot of value, too”. It’s so wonderful when people tell you such beautiful things!”

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