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The corner of la Carme

I have already created a number of custom made pieces with and for Carme since we first met some years ago at a fair in Blanes.

She recently told me the happy news that she and her husband had become godparents! And she wanted to ask me if I could make her a bracelet with the gemstones corresponding to the birth months of all the members of her family, including little Queralt!

She had already laid some of the groundwork (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ and so we already knew that we needed rubies, a sapphire, a peridot, a garnet and an amethyst. It had to be in silver, articulated and not very big, carryable. She also gave me the size (we did everything remotely! With the relative ease and the amount of resources we currently have, it went without a hitch!)… and we got to working on it together and it just went from there! (Cover Photo)


Photo 2 Family birthstone bracelet
Photo 2
Photo 3 Family birthstone bracelet
Photo 3
We made a mold of the links... in case one day we want to make matching earrings or a matching necklace!
We made a mold of the links... in case one day we want to make matching earrings or a matching necklace!


Order within disorder!
Order within disorder!

Each link (the series of metal rings passing through one anothe that make up a chain) is different from the others. There are none two alike! (Photo 2). The closure of the bracelet is also a link (which hides a tab closure) and it’s all been devised in such a way that, if one day a new member arrives in the family, new links can be added without any problem! (Photo 3).

All links are made entirely by hand from square section silver wire and an oval hinge, also handmade, which is what forms the “leaves”.


Photo 4 Family Birthstone Bracelet
Photo 4
Photo 5 Family Birthstone Bracelet
Photo 5


Once all the elements were made, intertwined with each other, the links welded, it was time to embed the cabochon-cut gems (Photos 4 and 5).

Finally, we gave it a sandblasted finish by polishing only the mouths of the gems and the “leaves”, in order to create more contrast and… we had the bracelet finished! (Photos 6 and 7).

Photo 6 Family Birthstone Bracelet
Photo 6
Photo 7 Family Birthstone Bracelet
Photo 7


la Carme
diamond testimonial

And when Carme saw the photos… : “We hit the jackpot! A one-of-a-kind bracelet!” .。*

And when she had the bracelet in her very own hands: “Emma, ​​a smashing success! Up close and personal, the bracelet is much more stunning than it appears in the photos! CONGRATULATIONS!.” .。*♡

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