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The corner of la Nila

black medium squareblack medium-small squareblack small squareIn white gold with a black finish. A stunning central diamond accompanied (inside the band of the ring, in contact with the skin) by two other smaller diamonds symbolizing their two little treasures. Completely custom-designed! Such a lovely project to be a part of! The design was top-secret and then we had to add the lockdown into the mix! It was quite the adventure, but the secret was very well kept by two cute little human beings (the two little “diamonds”, Julieta and Valentina) and we successfully pulled off the big surprise!! Héctor and Nila, thank you to you both (and also to Grandma Tres, who was the initial guiding thread ;-), for your trust, your patience and your excitement and small squareblack medium-small squareblack medium square



The wedding band was a surprise that Héctor wanted to give Nila. It had to be a modern wedding ring, nothing classic, with lots of personality, unique! He had noticed that she liked black rings. Much more so than your typical gold ones. So, after hesitating a bit, weighing the pros and cons… we jumped in head first: it had to be in white gold with black lacquer and set with an impressive diamond. The design also had to be youthful and easy to wear on any occasion.

The result: a clean, agile shape, which, truthfully, with black lacquer makes the brilliant-cut diamond look amazing!



To make it more personal, I wanted to include a few little details. Her three cherished treasures. The ring was a gift from her beloved Héctor so she would remember this every time she looked at her hand. But I wanted her two princesses (who had helped us a lot during the whole process, keeping the secret and being very involved the whole operation!) to be reflected in the ring as well.

And that is why, in the shank of the wedding band (yes, we call the band itself a “shank” because it’s the portion of the ring that encircles the finger), in the inner part, which is in contact with the finger, there are two small brilliant cut diamonds, which represent her two princesses!


la Nila

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