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Where metals are transformed into jewelry: videos, demonstrations, in short, a space of creation and inspiration for you!

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description of this hotspot


description of this hotspot

*。★*´。*゚☆*’*.✧ I believe that here, in this space called MÀGIC, is the perfect place where to show you these images. I feel this need to share them with you because for me, they are magical!

Six years ago I made this pendant and this video. And I know these many years have gone by because…. the star of this story was born these many years ago! •◍✧*.。✯。*゚✯*♡

*。★*´。*゚☆*’*.✧• When I make a piece of jewellery, even though I’ve been doing it for a long time, it’s always magical for me! I still believe that transforming metals through fire and tools is pure magic!

I leave you here a video with the audiovisual memory of the process of crafting a ring with a beautiful merlinite.

Honestly, could a prettier name be given to a gem? It’s also called a dendritic opal and, if you want to know more about this gemstone, you can go to LINK TESORS, our link full of treasures!!✧*.。✯。*゚✯*

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